Medieval Collectibles is an internet mail order company that was started in 1999 with a focus on providing quality custom leather armor, medieval and renaissance clothing, and high quality swords and weaponry. Since that start we have grown to bring you the highest quality medieval replicas from over 200 manufacturers around the world. We have also added products in more than 100 additional, peripheral categories and offer over 30,000 products. We are one of the most established, largest, and trusted medieval companies in the United States. Medieval Collectibles has over 60 years of combined customer service and product knowledge. We source products from England, Germany, India, and other European countries. Additionally, we have our own manufacturing facility on premises that allows to create our own, unique leather arming wear, jewelry, accessories, and more.

Since our inception we have not lost focus on providing the finest quality and widest assortment and options of swords, axes, spears, archery equipment, steel and leather armor, helmets, shields, and period-specific clothing. As our customer base has grown and their desires have expanded and multiplied we have been able to branch our and add a wide variety of related products like Halloween costumes, fairies and angels, dragon items, jewelry, home decor, licensed movie products, and more. We’ve also been able to provide products for those interested in eras and cultures like steampunk, Civil War, pirate, Celtic, Gothic, Roman, Viking, and more.

We are your one and only online store for Medieval swords, armour, shields, and many other Medieval items. Our products can be seen on movie sets, theaters, plays, renaissance fairs, SCA re-enactments and Live Action Roleplaying events. Our products, are not only used by re-enactors or LARP groups, they can be used to stock your castle for siege, decorate your office, home, hallway or even your castle dungeon. Our site is updated daily to bring you the most current information on things like pre-orders, new products, contest winners, featured products, deals of the week, sales and promotions.

We have dedicated this blog to the discussion and community of peoples interested in all things medieval, renaissance, fantasy, film, and beyond. Here we will bring you news, reviews, histories, and a lot of fun. We welcome your interaction and appreciation of others and their passions. Welcome…