Dancing Orcs

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How about a bit of humor to brighten your Tuesday? This just in, from the latest hot news out of Mordor, we bring to you the hippest of the new boy-bands taking Middle-Earth by storm! No, really. The video has … Read More

The Last Witch Hunter Trailer

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If you have a passion for fantasy movies, then perhaps you ought to consider this one.   The Last Witch Hunter has all the appearance of a classic fantasy film, pitting an ageless yet likely jaded warrior against things both … Read More

LARP Archery at Medieval Collectibles

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Archery is not solely the realm of hunters and reenactors. LARPers can enjoy archery as well, and at Medieval Collectibles, we have a LARP archery section that is perfect for equipping any intrepid bowmen (or bow-women) out there. Our selection … Read More

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