The Mace

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A mace is a club-like weapon made entirely of metal or wood with a metal head. Though popularized in Europe in the 11th-16th century, historical evidence points to mace-like weapons long before. The ancient Egyptians fixed stone heads to clubs … Read More

LARP Sword Care & Maintenance

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Care and Maintenance of your LARP sword There you are, standing on the battlefield awaiting your moment of glory. You’ve crafted an amazing outfit, have joined a strong clan, and are wielding a sword sure to bring devastation to your … Read More


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Quality. Safety. Durability. Creativity. All words synonymous with a weapon from Calimacil. Since its inception in 2004 Calimacil has consistently produced some of the finest, most reliable, most detailed swords, daggers, axes and more for the Live Action Role Play … Read More