Extreme LARP Archery

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Who’s interested in some extreme LARP archery? If you have ever wondered at the possibilities of light, safe bows and soft-tipped arrows, consider the following video: Dubbed “Global Archery Attack,”, this video is exactly what good LARP archery can be. … Read More

DIY Archery at Medieval Collectibles

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Archery can be a rewarding experience; the first time your hear the satisfying *thunk* of an arrow hitting the target, particularly in the center, is sure to be memorable. Beyond just the practice of shooting a bow, the act of … Read More

Awesome Bows, Back in Stock!

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This just in! As of yesterday, Medieval Collectibles got in a big shipment of some of our most popular styles of bows. These have been out of stock for quite a while, and we are excited to be able to … Read More