Beholder vs. Medusa: An Unlikely Match-Up

Beholder vs. Medusa: An Unlikely Match-Up

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What happens when two magical creatures’ chief advantages are stripped away? A beholder, a floating spherical beast from Dungeons and Dragons, has one central eye which projects a beam to cancel out magic and ten smaller eyes on tentacle-like stalks, which all have different magical powers. That magic-canceling central eye is the only way it can look upon Medusa without turning to stone, but that central beam will likely interfere with its ability to use any of the other powers the beholder possesses. The beholder will have to rely on its enormous fangs and willingness to attack in close quarters! Medusa, as long as the beholder keeps its central eye focused on her, can’t turn it to stone, but she has other ways of attacking. As shown in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans, Medusa is equipped with a bow and arrow, so she can attack from a distance. Her tail, also, is extremely powerful and able to break stone columns! Smart, resourceful, and quick, Medusa might be a match for the beholder, so long as it doesn’t blink its central eye. But will the beholder be fast enough to dodge arrows and a tail both? Who will win this Match-Up?

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