Elendil the Tall vs. Ser Gregor Clegane: An Unlikely Match-Up from Medieval Collectibles

Elendil the Tall vs. Ser Gregor Clegane: An Unlikely Match-Up from Medieval Collectibles

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Submitted to us by Mad Mike Schaust, this battle pits two massive warriors against one another in a brutal brawl to the death! In an interesting twist, this also turns out to be a battle of good against evil. Our first fighter is Elendil the Tall, of Tolkien lore. Father of Isildur and one of the few Numenorians to survive the downfall, Elendil sailed to Middle-Earth where he founded the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor. He was among the tallest of the surviving Numenorians, standing at nearly 7 feet, 11 inches. As a warrior he was strong and swift, wielding the dwarf-forged sword Narsil with masterful skill. Such was his ability that alongside his friend Gil-Galad, Elendil was able to temporarily defeat Sauron’s physical form. As a king, he was wise and just, and Elendil is remembered as a hero among the common people. The second fighter for this battle is Ser Gregor Clegane, from the Song of Ice and Fire series. Known as the Mountain that Rides, Gregor is freakishly big, standing nearly 8 feet tall and weighing over 30 stone, which translates to around 420 pounds! Practically all muscle, Gregor goes into battle clad in the heaviest plate armor, wielding a large shield in one hand and a massive 6 foot long greatsword in the other. Regarding his temperament, he is a villain of the worst sort; Gregor is a man of violent disposition, prone to savagery, rage, and brutal self-indulgence. None can deny that if these two should meet, a fierce battle to the death is the only foreseeable outcome. The only question that remains is who would win that battle? Elendil the Tall or the Mountain that Rides?

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  1. Sean

    Elendil wins and its not even a contest he is not a normal human he is a Dunedain with lifespans of 500 years and they are far stronger than normal humans it took a demi god to actually defeat him and even that was a close call Gregor Clegane is big but thats it he is still a normal human

  2. Matthew

    This is kinda unfair on Gregor’s part as Elendil is a different, superior species. Here’s why:

    Tolkien’s lore includes a lot of demi-god, super-human-esque species which can smash through regular humans at ridiculous speed.
    George R.R. Martin tends to focus on a much more realistic tone, given that Gregor is literally a referred to as “The Giant of the series” by the author himself but obviously cutting through a man in full plate armour with a 6ft greatsword is pretty much impossible unless the sword was moving at an unfathomably quick speed, even for Gregor that speed is impossible to reach. So the fantasy element is still there in GoT but it’s hardly prevalent compared to LOTR.

    But yeah, if this came down to an actual fight I’d probably say Elendil takes it slightly given the fact that he’s ludicrously tall, swift, powerful and is an artisan with Narsil. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking despise Gregor, but the man is a literal beast (mentally and physically) so he definitely has a fighters chance against killing Elendil, especially if he gets a full-power hit off with the Greatsword. If Gregor used a Maul or warhammer of some kind, his chances would be improved as a hammer would crush Elendils plate armour. Yes they’ll be slower, but Gregor is definitely strong enough to swing it around like a broadsword so it’ll be easier to dodge given the size of the weapon.

    In conclusion:

    Elendil wins this 8 times out of 10, mainly due to superior weaponry, intellect, species and overall skill. Gregor can only realistically win this if he gets a really lucky hit off and decapitates Elendil somehow which I don’t see happening (mainly considering Elendil has defeated Sauron who swung a giant magical mace around like a dagger and was still quick enough to dodge most of the attacks).