Perrin Aybara vs. Grommash Hellscream: An Unlikely Match-Up

Perrin Aybara vs. Grommash Hellscream: An Unlikely Match-Up

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Axes will cross and sparks will fly as these two legends face each other! Perrin Aybara from the Wheel of Time series is a king and former blacksmith, a man of great wisdom and caution. But deep within this peaceful, quiet exterior beats the heart and soul of a wolf, part and parcel with lupine ferocity! Perrin falls into a near-berserker frenzy in battle, swinging his axe or hammer, whichever he has at the time, with deadly power. Heightened wolf senses enhance his human ones, allowing him to see sharply and even smell emotions on others, though that may not help him against the battle-eager Grommash Hellscream, hero of the Iron Horde! Grom, a Bloodlust-driven orc, wields a massive axe called Gorehowl, a terrifyingly huge weapon with a fearsome history. But there’s more to Grom than just his axe. His fierce love of battle often leads him to the thick of the melee for the best fight, rather than doing the smarter thing by taking out wizards or healers. Grom’s natural abilities, including his strength and stamina, were enhanced by drinking the blood of Mannoroth, but he didn’t let it become his master, just like Perrin with his wolfbrother status! Were these two brawny brawlers to fight, whose abilities would lead him to victory? Would the golden-eyed king with a blacksmith’s heart win, or would the orc chieftain live to fight another day?

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