An Unlikely Match-Up: Drizzt do’Urden vs. Link

An Unlikely Match-Up: Drizzt do’Urden vs. Link

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These two warriors could both be mistaken for elves…but you would only be half-right. Drizzt do’Urden is a dark elf, also known as a drow, while Link is technically Hylian (although the pointed ears certainly make him seem elvish!). These two pair up remarkably well in combat, actually. Link is a gifted warrior who favors the sword and the shield. Drizzt is a masterful swordsman who favors a duo of scimitars. Both carry an assortment of magical items, and both have a faithful animal companion: Link has his horse, Epona, while Drizzt has his panther, Guenhwyvar. Both are inherently good natured, and both are legendary heroes in their respective realms. If nothing else, the fight should make for loads of entertainment. And since both are generally good, this is likely to be a battle to first yield, as opposed to the death. So really, who do you think would yield first? The dark elf from Faerun, or the Hylian from Hyrule?

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  1. James BeGole

    Drizzt. Duh. His panther would kill them all.